Push Fit Plugs
Essentra push fit plugs provide the advantages and aesthetic of a protective plug with the ease of a push in style. Push fit plugs are easily applied and removed to defend pipes, hoses, and fittings from contaminants during processing, shipment, and storage. We carry an extensive range of push fit plugs to for a wide range of applications and industries.

Tapered Plugs

Our most popular tapered plugs, the Essentra numbered series, have a narrowing design idea for general purpose applications. Each Tapered plug or cap covers multiple outside diameters as a cap or plugs multiple inner diameters. For added durability try our heavy duty plugs or caps designed with a rugged wall and seal rings for maximum protection.

Standard and heavy duty flanged plugs are ideal for protecting pipe and tubing with internal NPT threads. A multi-use product, these plugs also have a straight-sided interior to provide a firm grip on the tube’s O.D. when used as a cap.
Wide flanged caps and plugs keep the plug from being accidentally pushed down through the mating part while still having the tapered design to fit multiple diameters.
Our plugs for NPT threads are specifically designed to plug NPT tapered threaded fittings. Made of LDPE and featuring a tapered design, these plugs fit multiple inner diameters.

Push Fit Plugs with Pull Tab

Flexible pull plugs have a center or side pull tab feature for easy removal in awkward locations. Made of black ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR) these flexible plugs withstand acids and temperatures from -40°F to 275°F.
Tapered pull tab plugs allow each size part to plug multiple inner diameters. These LDPE plugs have excellent resistance to acids, alcohols, and bases and are available with a side pull tab or center pull tab plugs are quick and easy removal.

Quick Fit Plugs

Essentra quick fit easy pull plugs have a that easily locks the plug into place with a simple push. Two different designs, lateral pull and central pull, have a strong and flexible pull tab for quick removal. Essentra push fit thread plugs provide all the advantages of a threaded plug with the ease of a push in style which keep contaminants away from the fittings and have excellent chemical resistance.

Parallel Protection Plugs

Essentra parallel protection plugs are a popular range of general purpose plugs that provide a clean finish and provide protection from contaminants. Parallel protection plugs are available with or without flanges in LDPE, PVC, or thermoplastic rubber making them a suitable option for a variety of applications.
Circular connector plugs are typically used to protect electrical connectors per Mil Spec 90376.

Push Fit Panel Plugs

Plug an electrical knockout and create a finished appearance with Essentra panel hole plugs. Our economical solutions provide a clean and easy way to close off optional wiring or access holes.

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