Masking Caps
We provide a one-shop-stop for your High Temp Masking needs with a large selection of materials, sizes and styles available in-stock and ready to ship from a distribution center near you. Ensuring that you get your masking supplies when you need them!

Masking caps are used to protect threads, shafts, fittings or other protrusions that it is undesirable to be coated during powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, plating, blasting or painting.We have many styles of masking cap styles including: easy pull caps, flexible end caps, flexible star tubes, silicone tubing, tapered caps, cone caps and stretch fit caps.[more][less]

Material Selection:

Silicone 600F / 316C Premium material Can be used multiple times 55+5 Durometer
Can be used in Powder Coating,E-Coat,Anodizing,Plating,Wet Paint and Blasting

EPDM 425F / 218C Save up to 30% Over Silicone Can be used multiple times 55+5 Durometer
Superior chemical resistance. Can be used in Powder Coating,E-Coat,Anodizing,Plating,Wet Paint, and Blasting.

Soft High Temp Vinyl Low Cost Single-Use Material Use to mask - leave on for shipping Multiple diameters, lengths & styles 85+2 Durometer
Can be used in Powder Coating,E-Coat,Anodizing,Plating, and Wet Paint

Paper 400F / 205C Lowest Cost Material Recycled & recyclable Doesn’t promote condensation
Can be used in Powder Coating or Wet paint.

Nylon 6/6 300F / 149C Material bonds with paint - flake resistant. Ideal for UNC & metric threaded applications. Available with sealing gaskets/O-rings. Prevents popping off due to pressure. Can be used in Wet Paint.
Plastic Bags 150F / 66C Fits unusual shapes. 1 bag size fits multiple diameters. Easy on/off. Can be used in Wet Paint.
  • This chart is a guide for typical applications for masking products. Due to the number of variables in each process, some products may not work for the application shown above, we recommend sampling to ensure.

Need to cut costs on your masking products?

While you can order masking supplies in any quantity with no minimum order requirement, we also offer bulk prices, helping you save even more.

In addition, if you are currently masking with caps and plugs, we offer a budget conscious alternative to silicone. EPDM is a more economical material that withstands temperatures up to 425F / 218C, holds up to multiple uses and has a superior chemical resistance.

We also offer low cost, single use soft vinyl or paper masking caps, as well as a large selection of paint masking tapes and discs. You may also be interested in our masking plugs for protecting female threads or prevent paint from entering an opening.

Free Sampling

Interested in EPDM but not sure if it’ll hold up to your processes? Have an unusual thread that needs masked but aren’t sure which cap or plug will offer the best protection? No problem! We want to provide you with the masking material that best suits your needs, so we recommend sampling to ensure compatibility.

We have multiple regional stocking locations throughout the USA and Canada to ensure fast delivery, saving you time and freight costs. We also offer the convenience of ordering online or by contacting a customer representative at 800-847-0486 or live chat.

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