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T Handle Silindirli Kilitler

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Adjustable T Handle w/ Compression

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Adjustable T Handle Compression Latches that are provided with up to 6mm of pre-set compression. Ideal for use with cabinets that require better sealing under vibration conditions.

The latches are hand operated, have locking (CH 751 stainless steel shutter) and non-locking (no cylinder) options. Two keys are supplied with every lock. The latches are also supplied with a rubber sealing gasket. Cams are sold separately.

The adjustable latches have a quarter-turn cam operation and a wide grip range with an adjustable nut.

  • Material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
  • Finish Options: Chrome Plated and Black Powder Coated

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Compression Latches - T Handle

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Compression Latch with a T Handle are hand-operated and have a fixed design. They are used in a range of access hardware applications and are a great choice for cabinets and access panels.

Our range is available with locking and non-locking options. All locking options are supplied with two keys. All latches are supplied with rubber sealing gasket and 6mm of pre-set compression to increase noise isolation.

  • Material: Die Cast Zinc Alloy
  • Finish Options: Chrome Plated and Black Powder Coating

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Handle Turn Cam Latches - T Handle

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Handle Turn Cam Latches feature an T-shaped handle. They are commonly used cabinet and furniture applications.

The cam latches compression allows for a more secure seal where IP/NEMA performance is required. This also allows for improved insulation against noise and vibration conditions.

With locking and non-locking options to choose, you are sure to find a solution for your application.

  • Lock Type options; Keyed Alike, Keyed to Differ, Keyed CH751, Keyed J327 and Keyless
  • Several mounting orientations; Left-hand, Right-hand and Universal
  • Screw mount design

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HVAC Locks

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These HVAC Locks are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to offer security and regulate access to HVAC equipment. Designed for enclosures susceptible to pressure differentials to prevent unauthorised tampering or interference with HVAC equipment, assuring system safety and performance. HVAC locks assist in preserving the integrity of the system and safeguard it from potential damage or misuse by securing access panels and doors.

Due to the surface mounting, the thermal bridge between the inside and exterior of the enclosure does not undermine the application's integrity. They are built to survive the severe circumstances common in HVAC systems, such as excessive temperatures, wetness, and vibrations. The stepped cam aids in compression, closing the container more tightly.

The line includes both locking and non-locking variants and L- and T-handle choices. Surface mounting improves application and locking integrity because there is no need to drill a hole through the door. Many handle and locking choices are available to give diversity and user friendliness.

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Quarter Turn T Handle

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Cam Latches with compression have a T-shaped handle. They are designed to offer secure access to panels and doors, courtesy of the rotating cam (pawl).

The cam is secured by engaging the frame or keeper on the back side. These latches come with standard technology. Ideally used for cabinets that require better sealing under vibration conditions.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Natural (Silver)
  • DIN-EN 1774 rated

Cam sold separately

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