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Round Tube Inserts

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Round Tube inserts provide a finished look and protection to the end of tubing, poles or posts. The push-fit inserts are either ribbed for maximum grip or plain shank for a smooth application. A selection of different types and styles are available:

  • Lightweight Round Inserts are simple to assemble and have a high-quality finish. The imperial range has a plain shank, whereas the metric range has a ribbed shank.
  • Tube end inserts of low-density polyethene are knurled for a snug fit and to protect against sharp tube edges.
  • Standard round inserts are also grooved for ease of installation, a secure fit, and to conceal sharp edges.
  • Round domed inserts offer a nice finishing touch to high-quality tubular items.

Used in various applications, including furniture, construction, automotive and manufacturing.

  • Material: PEEK, LDPE, PE, PA
  • Colour: Brown, Black, Grey, Yellow, White, Orange, Red, Blue, Green

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