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HDPE Boru Eklentileri

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Rectangular Threaded Inserts & Glides

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Our range of Threaded Inserts and Glides come in a variety of options. Inserts are placed into the cavity at the end of pipes and tubes to provide a clean and neat finished appearance. Inserts also offer surface protection, and prevent the ingress of dirt and other contaminants.

These inserts can be used in a range of standard or heavy duty applications, but are ideally used with adjustable feet, tilt glides and castors.

Available are all-metal inserts, and plastic inserts with a metal nut. The metal threat provides a secure fit and allows for smooth repeatable adjustment of the insert. The plastic inserts come either as a single piece or a two-piece moulding. The two-piece mouldings fit neatly together to fit into tubes.

  • Materials: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polyamide (PA) and Aluminium.
  • Colours: Black, Grey and Natural

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Square Threaded Tube Inserts

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Square Threaded Tube are used to protect from sharp edge of the tube and to provide a aesthetic finish. The push in tube insert is fitted with a thread to allow the adjustment of a feet or a castor. It reduces the need for drilling, which can save time and effort. Designed to add height adjustable feet, casters, glides or any external components.

Square Metal Threaded inserts come in a variety of options: All-Metal threaded inserts, standard, square, metal, heavy duty square inserts, and horizontal inserts for square tubes.

  • Material: Cast Aluminium Alloy, PA, Nylon, HDPE, Steel, HIPS, HDPE With Metal Insert
  • Colour: Natural, Black, Grey, Zinc

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Round Threaded Inserts

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Round threaded inserts are available as quick-fit inserts for tube ends and connecting pipes. They are threaded for secure screw fixing. These threaded inserts provide a stable and secure mounting point for a wide range of furniture and equipment components.

They are commonly used in the manufacturing, packaging and construction industries.

  • Material: HDPE, Nylon, PA, Steel, PP, LDPE, Aluminium, PE
  • Colour: Black, Natural, Grey

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Round Inserts & Glides

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Round Inserts are used to finish the end of tubular products, providing a visually pleasing and clean appearance. They can also be used as tube feet, providing a base to prevent scratches and damage when products come into contact with a surface.

This range caters to metric threads and offers quick and easy assembly. The insert features a ribbed shank design that provides added positive-gripping power.

  • Material: Polyethylene (PE) and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Finish Options: Polished and Textured
  • Colours: Black, Grey and White

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Round Glides

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Round Load Bearing Glides are designed to use as a protection plug or as a glide. The lid is stepped to offer an easy insertion and secure fit.

They are ideal to protect and finish a tube end in moderate to heavy-duty applications These glides provide a smooth, durable base for furniture, appliances and more.

They protect floors from scratches, scuffs and other damage caused by heavy or sharp objects.

  • Material: PE, ABS, Nylon, Butyrate, LDPE, HDPE
  • Colour: Grey, Black

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