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Arrêts de porte Butées et pastilles adhésives

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Self Adhesive Buffers

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Our range of self-adhesive buffers, bumpers and stick-on feet come in felt or polyurethane (PU), and in a variety of shapes and colours to suit your purpose.

The PU bumpers are suitable for application temperatures ranging from 18C up to 65.5C. These stick-on feet will not tarnish, scratch or discolour any surface.

The adhesive felt pads come in brown or white. They can be used on the base of feet or inserts for smooth movement over floor surfaces.

  • Adhesion works best on a smooth, clean and dry surface
  • Typically used as rubber feet, cabinet stoppers, door stops and for surface protection
  • Rated UL94 HB
  • Easy to use - simply peel and stick.

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Self Adhesive Stick On Discs

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Made from black rubber, these Stick-On Discs are self-adhesive and are suitable for smooth and dry surfaces. They are slip resistant and will not leave scuff marks when removed.

  • Available in various diameter sizes
  • Is removable.

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Anti-Slip Self Adhesive Pads

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Self-adhesive bumpers provide cushioning and protection for an array of surfaces, across many applications.

The range includes black adhesive discs with a single-sided foam that has anti-skid properties. Available in packs of four that are either on a roll or on a pad, these versatile discs are designed to bond to many surfaces including; corrugated card, chipboard, wood, low surface energy plastics and powder coats.

Also included are anti-slip pads that are made from PE Foam tape, featuring a silicone coated paper liner. These are suitable for applications with temperatures ranging from -29C up to 66C.

  • Rubber adhesive
  • Permanent solution
  • Black finish.

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