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Filetages JIC Capes et bouchons filetés

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Snap Fit Plugs

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These Snap Fit Plugs are designed to provide a finished and professional appearance to the surface while protecting the hole or opening from damage and debris.

Easy to install and remove, once pushed into position, a single twist provides a tight, snug fit, and a central tab at the top provides a strong grip for tightening and removal. The range is suitable for Metric, BSP and UNF threads. Used in electrical and automotive applications.

  • Material: LDPE
  • Colour: Red, Black

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Threaded Protection Caps - UNF/JIC Threads

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Threaded Protection Caps for UNF /JIC Threads protect threads and fittings from damage during production, storage, and shipment, ensuring that they remain in good condition and ready for use when needed. The protection cap protects flared and flare less from contaminants like dirt, dust, debris, and moisture out of the hole.

Features a knurled head design that makes them easy to install and remove by hand by twisting them or pushing them in on the pipe or tube. They are ideal for UNF/JIC threads, and if you pick the yellow option, they are made of HDPE and have a long profile, which allows for more threading turns. It can withstand temperatures between Min. -30C, Max. +80C. The range of Protection caps can be used in various applications, including hydraulic and pneumatic systems, automotive, and industrial applications.

  • Material: Nylon, HDPE, LDPE
  • Colour: Red, Yellow

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