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Steel Tube Inserts

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Teflon Glides Screw-On

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Teflon Glides are fastened with the aid of a screw to provide a strong hold to the mounting surface. A 4.5 mm diameter hole provides a fastener entry for the screw without damaging the washer. The steel washer is coated with PTFE to provide maximum glide.

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Threaded Round Tube Inserts

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Threaded Tube Ends, also known as Threaded Tube Inserts, have an internal thread to accommodate adjustable leveling feet, tilt glides and casters.

Our threaded tube range has various Round Tubing Inserts to choose from, including; all-metal Round Tube Inserts made from Steel with a Zinc Plated finish. The metal ribs lock onto the inside of round tubes. Also available are; Round Threaded Tube Inserts made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with a Zinc Plated Steel threaded insert. They are black in appearance and the rib accommodates multiple gages.

We also have a heavy duty Threaded Tube Insert range, made from Glass Filled Nylon with Brass threaded insert and a black appearance. These are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. They also offer a high load rating that is ideal for machinery use. We also have a range of Threaded Round Tube Inserts in a choice of plastics, including; Nylon and HDPE.

Customers who purchase Threaded Round Tube Inserts may also need Leveling Feet.

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Threaded Square Tube Inserts

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Threaded Square Tube Inserts, or simply Square Thread Inserts, are used to protect assemblies from the share edge of the tube and provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The threaded tube inserts have an internal thread that can accommodate components, such as leveling feet, tilt glides or castors.

Our Square Metal Threaded Inserts are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with Zinc Plated Steel threaded insert. Ideal for adjustable leveling mounts and feet, and ribbed to accommodate multiple gauges. They are blank in appearance.

If you're looking for something more robust, perhaps view our Square Heavy Duty Threaded Inserts. Made from glass-filled black Nylon with a Brass threaded insert. These threaded tubing inserts can be used indoors and outdoors - so are highly versatile. The high load rating is a great choice for machinery use.

Perhaps try our Plastic Threaded Tubing Inserts - made from Nylon, and available in a choice of Black and Natural colors. These are suitable for use with adjustable feet and tilt glides.

If a single-material option is your preference, our All-Metal Square Tube Inserts might be just right for your application. This thread steel tube option is made from Zinc Plated Steel. The metal ribs lock on to the inside of a square tube providing a tough and secure assembly.

Our square thread insert range is available in a selection of styles, materials and size options to suit your every need.

Customers who purchased Threaded Square Tube Inserts may also purchase Leveling Feet.

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