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Seals for Special Purposes

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Narrow Recess Seals

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Narrow Recess Seals are specially designed to reveal signs of tampering or breach, for a number of applications that require a very slim seal.

They are ideal for securing in-flight trolley's, ATM cassettes and other cart applications. The seal has an all-plastic design with an acetal jaw locking mechanism that has a higher melting point than polypropylene (PP). The seals have an easy and convenient, single-handed application.

  • Body Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Jaw Material: Acetal
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow

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Utility & Meter Seals

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Utility and Metre Seals are specially designed to reveal evidence of tampering or breach for a wide range of metres or objects that require a thin wire seal. This includes water and electricity metres and junction boxes.

The thin metal wire can be passed through small or difficult apertures, to then be pulled tight and clicking the securing housing into place.

Our range is available in several distinctive types where the cut wire length is supplied and included with the purchase of the seal or sold separately to the seal. The type options include; AnchorLock, ClickLock, CrimpLock and TwistLock.

AnchorLock is suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to its flexible wire length (included). It features serial numbers on both the inner and outer parts, for added tamper evident benefits. The PC body is bolstered by a high-impact Polystyrene insert.

ClickLock is moulded in PC with two sets of locking arrows. The sealing mechanism can be viewed and inspected. No pliers are required to engage.

CrimpLock is designed specially for sealing metres and safety boxes, and is sealed with crimping pliers. The continuous roll of wire is available to purchase separately. The steel CrimpLock Wire comes on a 2kg spool and is approximately 260 metres in length.

TwistLock is easily applied for all types of utility metres. It features a one-direction rotatable locking mechanism and the seal handle can be snapped off after application to prevent manipulation. The body is transparent and has an ABS twister.

  • Body Materials: Polycarbonate (PC) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Resin (ABS Resin)
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow

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