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Nylon Ratchet Rivets

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Snap-Together Rivets - Male/Female Push

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Two-part Push Clips that form to hold flat panels together.

The range features Nylon 6/6 snap fasteners that have low profiles on both sides of the assembly. The two parts have teeth that grip to each other for quick and easy fastening that leaves a smooth appearance on both sides.

We also have the pin and keeper parts for sign fastening systems. These male and female fasteners are made from impact modified Nylon 6/6, and are ideal for rapid assembly and disassembly.

Also included are a range of snap tacks that have male tacks and button tacks made from Acetal, and a female retainer made from UL94 V2 rated Nylon 6/6.

  • Colors Included: Natural, Black and White
  • Resistant to corrosion, oil, abrasion and most chemicals.

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Ratchet Rivets

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Ratchet Rivets, also known as Barbed Rivets, Assembly Clips or Snap Fasteners, are comprised of two identical parts that grip together to form a quick and convenient fastening. They act as a special cushioning washer for larger surfaces, and are ideal for rotating applications, such as rotating sheets.

These useful rivets require no tools, screws or other component parts to install - simply snap two of the rivets together by hand to form a single fastening assembly.

  • Material; Nylon
  • Colors include; Natural and Black
  • UL94 V2 flame rated

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Push-in Rivets - Fir Tree

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Fir Tree Fasteners, popularly known as Christmas Tree Fasteners or Rivets, have ribbed shanks that are angled to slide into an assembly with ease, and prevent pull out. The fir tree design ensures fast and easy installation, while securely holding a range of materials, including; wood, metal, foam, rubber and plastics.

When Plastic Fir Tree Fasteners are pushed into a hole, the flexible ribs deflect and then spring back to lock securely in place.

Our comprehensive Fir Tree Rivet range includes Nylon Christmas Tree Fasteners, made from UL94 V2 rated Nylon 6/6, including Spin Clips that combine the advantages of a push-in fasteners with a screw. Also available in our Nylon range are Removable Fir Tree Rivets made from UL94 V0 rated Nylon 6/6 that are removable from threaded holes using a Phillips (crossed) head screwdriver. Available in Black and Natural colors.

Our range extends to a selection of Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Christmas Tree Fasteners, which are ideal for threaded, non-threaded, drilled or punched holes, and are designed to be non-removable. Available in Black, Natural and Clear (Transparent) options. The Clear rivets are a great choice for Point of Purchase displays.

  • Can be installed by hand
  • Resistant to corrosion, oil, abrasion and most chemicals
  • Can be used as a standard Fir Tree Fastener

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Ratchet Post & Pin Rivets

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Our Snap fasteners include a Nylon option that is flame-rated UL94 V2, and an option that features a Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) female washer that comes with a Polypropylene (PP) male clip.

The rivet assembly includes the male clip and the female washer that are used to join two surfaces together. They are an ideal choice for corrugated panels.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Colors include; Natural, Black, White and High Clarity (Transparent).

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Mini Snap Rivets

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Mini Snap Rivets comprised of male and female parts. Made from natural or black nylon 6/6 that is rated UL94 V2, RMS-01. The perfect solution for fastening two panels together, with a simple snap.

Quickly install by simply pressing together. These rivets are an ideal choice for outdoor environments. They are resistant to corrosion, oil, abrasion and most chemicals.

  • Male and female parts are packed and sold separately
  • Temperature Range: -40F up to 185F.

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