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Journey of Essentra Components' parts

clock 2.5 minutes | 28 Oct 2019

From selecting the right plastic to dispatching components to customer’s sites, Essentra Components has several decades-worth of experience in manufacturing injection molded parts.

This experience means that we have the ability to manufacture and dispatch thousands of high-quality components across the world every day.

We take each component from its raw polymer form to packaging it up and sending it out to our customers. This means we can take a lot of care in ensuring that every part is as high-quality and consistent as our customers would expect.

To show how we ensure this quality at each stage of the injection molding process, we created an infographic that includes the key statistics and facts on how we manufacture, finish and dispatch our components.

Essentra Components Injection Molding Process Infographic
How does the injection molding process work?