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Screw On Concealed Hinges

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A wide and diverse range of concealed hinges are available. Steel versions come in Handed, Pin, Removable Pin and Spring Loaded options. The handed hinges have a 90 degree rotational angle and the reinforced multilink articulation design offers a high resistance to bending and twisting due to high rigidity. Both left hand and right-hand application is possible and with a high mechanical strength, these hinges are suited to both light and heavy duty applications. The pin hinges have a 110 degree rotation angle, a high mechanical strength and anodised aluminium links making them ideal for heavy duty applications. The hinges with removable pins have a 180 degree rotation angle and are ideal for metallic enclosures. The door opens at two stages and the removable pin makes for straightforward disassembly of doors. They have a robust fixing via welding. Zinc Plated and Stainless Steel hinges come in different types too including removable, concealed and concealed spring-loaded pin hinge versions. The removable concealed hinge allows quick and easy door removal and suits an M5 screw (not provided). They offer a 120 degree rotation angle. The concealed hinges are left-hand and right-hand applicable and are ideal for metal enclosures and machinery covers. Types 1-6 have a hinge rotation angle of 120 degrees. Type 5 has a frame part which is screw on and a door part which is weld on. Type 7 has a hinge rotation angle of 135 degrees and types 8 and 9 are suitable for internally mounted doors. The concealed spring-loaded pin hinges come with a retractable spring loaded pin which allows the quick assembly and disassembly of the door without the aid of a tool. They are left-hand and right-hand applicable and can be used as both a locking and a positioning device

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