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JIC Threads End Caps

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O-Ring Face Seal Caps

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Our Blue Polyethylene O-Ring Face Seal Caps are designed to protect O-Ring Face Seal Connectors used on hydraulic connections. The longer overall length includes a moulded retaining ring at the bottom that snaps under the connector to keep it securely in place during transit and processing. Our range offers a variety of sizes to suit your application.

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Snap Fit Plugs

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Snap Fit Plugs have a single turn providing tight fit once pushed into position. The plug is design with a centre tab to allow a strong grip for tightening and easy removal. The range is suitable for Metric, BSP and UNF threads.

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Tear Tab Caps

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Tear Tab Caps are a standard, off-the-shelf solution that will allow you to meet your customers demands without those all too common time delays.

Tear Tab Caps are quick-fit and quick-release caps. As a rapid solution, they can be easily fitted and removed across an array of applications, including; critical hydraulic tubes and pipes, such as those that carry oils and other fluids around vehicles and machineries. This makes them an ideal choice for the specialist vehicle manufacturing industry, and other automotive and manufacturing sectors.

Tear Tab Caps also assist in the protection of tube and pipe ends during transportation and storage. They protect parts from damage, dirt, moisture and other forms of ingress. These caps are highly versatile, and ideal for a range of applications and different threads, including; BSP, GAS, UNF, JIC and NPT.

Made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), the caps feature a simple tear-away tab for quick release, and fast removal. The ease of extracting the Tear Tab Cap from the hydraulic pipework makes the removal process faster. By simply pulling the tab, the cap splits open, tearing away.

The LDPE material is tough and flexible. They provide many of the advantages of PVC caps, such as integrity and cleanliness.

  • Colours: Blue, Natural and Yellow
  • RoHS Compliant

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Threaded Protection Caps - UNF/JIC Threads

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These Polyethylene Threaded Protection Caps are used throughout the automotive, fluid power and engineering industries. They protect threaded components from dust, moisture and damage. They is suitable for UNF/JIC threads. Our range is available in Yellow or Red and a wide choice of sizes, to suit your application needs. You may also be interested in our range of Metric Threaded Caps.

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