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Constant Torque Hinges - Position Controlled

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These Constant Torque Hinges articulate and hold the panel in position, thus eliminating the need for a gas strut or lid stay. The torque value is fixed to a specific value, requiring no adjustment along it's lifecycle and the range includes hinges made from a variety of materials and different fixed torque values, including detent hinges.

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Set Position Hinge Every 30 degree

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Detent Hinges are Torque Hinges indented every 30 degrees allowing panels to be positioned and maintained withough auxiliary components. The torque is factory preset and cannot be modified by users. Made of Anodised Aluminiumm, a choice of finish is available for aesthetic appeal. Several torque values are available.

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Spring Hinges - Open and Close Position

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Spring hinges have a centre pin with a spring attached, ensuring that the hinge always springs back into its starting position. Ideal for use on doors and panels that require a safety mechanism of returning to its original location being opening or closing. The range offers a selection for materials and finishes, spring actions, opening and closing forces.

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