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Essentra Customises Caps for Burgaflex

Essentra, the global plastics products supplier, has developed custom caps using additive printing, for Burgaflex a global manufacturer of air conditioning hose assemblies for major automotive OEMs, in four-to six-weeks.

Custom hose fitting cap

The move followed Burgaflex’s need to protect its products during shipment after previous rubber caps became dislodged, causing product damage, contamination and customer dissatisfaction.

Essentra took the nine fittings of the mating applications from Burgaflex and created an initial 3D prototype which was subject to extensive testing, submission of drawings and additional cap samples.

The final result was the delivery of nine different custom clear caps that sealed the O-ring groove, thread and hose from debris and moisture. Essentra recommended low density polyethylene, for stronger protection and effective shock absorption.
A retention feature also provided extra security during shipping, while the caps’ clear colour allowed Burgaflex to see the O-ring, ensuring it was fitted correctly to allow safe delivery to customers.

“From concept to production, Essentra was able to smoothly manage all project requirements to come up with the perfect solution.” - Bob Siegwold, Executive Vice President for Burgaflex

Essentra was able to achieve Burgaflex cost savings since damage prevention in transit eliminated rejections, cutting product re-supply costs.

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