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The Essentials Guide: Cabinet Building With Access Hardware

Our Essentials Guide to cabinet building using Access Hardware is designed to help you find the most appropriate solution for your project.

Cabinet Building With Access Hardware

When building outdoor enclosures, HVAC units, generators and data cabinets there are many different access hardware components you can consider. The solutions you choose can help deliver cabinet security, controlled access, productive operation and a reduction in unnecessary repair costs.

Swing Handles

For when security is paramount you need to be sure you can trust your cabinet is fully protected. Use a swing handle gear box with a three-point locking system to prevent tampering, keeping your cabinets fully operational.

We recommend:

Cabinet Building With Swing Handles


Often a full, restricted or controlled range of door motion is required when accessing your cabinet. Hinges allow you to vary this range of motion, no matter the door, frame or mounting area. Using the right hinge for your application can easily drive increased functionality for the end user.

We recommend:

Cabinet Building With Hinges

Pull Handles

Crucial when finishing your cabinet and maintaining quick and seamless functionality. Pull handles can offer ergonomic use and flush fitting installation to help users stay efficient and safe in a busy work space.

We recommend:

Cabinet Building With Pull Handles


Cabinets can be susceptible to tampering, ingress of dirt or liquids. Using a suitable lock enables peace of mind for you and your customers. A durable polyamide or corrosion resistant stainless steel will offer high potential IP ratings as well as strength, ensuring security is upheld.

We recommend:

Cabinet Building With Locks

Latches & Catches

When your application is in constant use you often require a secure yet easily accessed door. Maintain ease of access and save time in a busy environment using easy open latches and catches.

We recommend:

Cabinet Building With Latches & Catches

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