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Quick guide: components for industrial packaging machines

clock 15 minutes | 04 Feb 2021

Packaging machinery

The quality of the components you choose will play an important part in the life of your packaging equipment.

Your packaging machine parts might rely on everything from cable ties and PCB mounting hardware to clamping levers and screw-on rubber bumper feet. Choose your components wisely and you can deliver a semi-automated or automated packaging machine that performs for years.

This guide is designed to help you make those choices. We’ll focus on three types of packaging machines, but most of the components shown for each can be used on all machines, such as can packing machines, cardboard box packing machines, carton wrapping machines, and sheet packing machines.

Free samples and CAD downloads

To make your job easier, we’ve made available free samples on most of our solutions, so you can try before you buy. You can also download free CADs of our solutions to help with designing your project.

Strapping machine

Strapping machines

Sometimes called banding strapping machines, they tension, seal and cut the strapping in one motion. Your design will depend on the strapping demand. Whether your application will be a pallet strapping machine, box strapping machine or another type, consider the recommendations below, which are ideal for semi-automatic or automatic strapping machines.

Where relevant, the components you use should not only help the machine’s performance but contribute to health and safety, so consider insert glides and recessed handles.

Your strapping machine also needs protecting. Use caps and plugs to protect critical profiles from damage during handling and transportation. You can also get a professional finish by using high-temperature masking for holes and contact points with easy-to-fit caps and plugs.

​Masking pull plugs

Masking pull plugs

Masking pull plugs mask threaded and plain through-holes. To apply, simply pull the thinner end of the plug through the hole until it stretches the larger end through the hole. Release so it will compress and make a tight seal. Available in a premium high-temperature silicone or in economical reduced-temperature EPDM. Applications include Powder Coating, E-Coating, Plating and Anodizing.

Typically used: during manufacturing

​Tube insert glides

Tube insert glides

Rectangular tube inserts protect the user from snagging clothes and skin. Ideally suited for most popular sizes and gauges of rectangular tubes. Available in LDPE in black, white, grey, dark grey, red and silver.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Recessed handles – snap in

Recessed handles – snap in

Recessed pull handles come in different styles and snap easily into place. Ideal for safety concerns by avoiding sharp edges. These plastic recessed handles are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), nylon 6 and reinforced nylon-based technopolymer.

Typically used: external fabrication

Cable glands

Cable glands

Designed for superior sealing and strain relief. Cable glands are used to pass cables into the strapping machine, controlling the bend or stopping a cable from being pulled out of the system. IP68 rating for excellent protection against the environment. Nylon with TPE inner sealing gland and CR/ NBR outer sealing gland. UL94 V-2.

Add extra security with cable gland locknuts and cable gland reducers.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Stud mount levelling feet – plastic rigid base

Stud mount levelling feet – plastic rigid base

Industrial levelling feet are ideal for uneven surfaces. The plastic base provides a smooth non-abrasive surface that protects floors. Available in a variety of materials: PP, LDPE, PE, nylon and a combination of TPE, PP and steel. View our complete range of stud mount levelling feet for other options.

Typically used: external fabrication

Standard cable ties

Standard cable ties

Tough, high-quality plastic cable ties with a built-in locking system to prevent accidental removal. Available in an array of colours in nylon with nylon teeth or stainless-steel teeth. Also available in PP.

Typically used: external fabrication and internally

​Castor wheels

Castor wheels

Swivel castor wheels with bolt hole and stem with brake provides full 360-degree rotation. The bolt hole in the castor frame allows for secure mounting to bolt threads. Nylon wheels and steel housing. See our complete range of industrial castor wheels for more options.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Fan guards

Fan guards

Protection and mounting for small DC and AC fans. The metal fan guard prevents dust and debris from falling into the fan blades, creating obstruction, while also protecting user from bodily harm. Ideal for cooling electronic applications with a protection solution. Simple to install with screw mount application. Made of steel.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Cable grommets

Cable grommets

Protects wires, cables, tubing, and hoses. Installs instantly by simply snapping into hole. Excellent adhesion, designed to fit standard sheet-metal holes. Available in TPR, styrene-butadiene rubber, thermoplastic vulcanizate (TBV), PVC and EPDM.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Tooth lock washers

Tooth lock washers

Extra resistance from vibrations, which helps prevents components from loosening while enabling your strapping machine to maintain peak performance. Available in stainless steel or mild steel.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Round unthreaded PCB spacers

Round unthreaded PCB spacers

PCB plastic spacers provide physical spacing for your printed circuit board design, as well as thermal and electrical insulation between components. Made of nylon 6/6. Glass-filled nylon is also available for applications where higher maximum service temperatures are required, as well as improved strength and stiffness.

Typically used: control panel and electronics

Adhesive mount cable tie holder

Adhesive mount cable tie holder

Use as adhesive cable-tie mounts or as a screw-mount cable-tie base. The adhesive tie mounts offer strong adhesion for quick and easy installation and are ideal for lightweight wire bungles. They also include a panel hole for optional screw fastening. Screw mount available in nylon. Adhesive mount available in PVC, nylon and ABS and rubber-based adhesive.

Typically used: internally

​Hexagonal PCB standoffs

Hexagonal PCB standoffs

Installed by hand without the need for assembly equipment. Hexagon standoffs are ideal for use when high mechanical strength is required. Also perform as a standoff insulator, providing sturdy, insulated spacing for high-power strapping machines. Made of nylon with brass inserts. UL94 V-2.

Typically used: control panel and electronics

​Hand switch – 1NO

Hand switch – 1NO

Complete device includes operator, clip and contact block. Comes packaged, unassembled. Push button is flush and has a contact. Rated IP65 to protect against dust and liquid ingress. Nylon with metal case Also available with plastic case.

Typically used: external fabrication

Food packaging machines

Food packaging machines

Food and liquid packaging machine manufacturers need components that contribute to hygiene standards, which makes metal a good choice for external fabrication. Your customer also needs peak performance from their packing machine for food products to improve productivity, so choose components with ergonomic features where relevant and high quality to avoid downtimes due to mechanical failures.

​Pull handle

Pull handle

Female right-angle metal pull handles are rounded with a shoulder and two-threaded mounting holes. Strong and durable one-piece design for a high-quality rear mounted industrial pull handle with a neat appearance. Made of aluminium.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Leaf hinges – male stud thread insert mount

Leaf hinges – male stud thread insert mount

Also known as a leaf butt hinge, this metal leaf hinge is ideal for food packaging equipment with flush-mounted doors with threaded-stud installations. Available in different styles with either a chrome-plated or black powder-coated finish.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Sealing gaskets

Sealing gaskets create a compression seal for the doors of your food product packing machine. It clips onto the panel edges to provide additional sealing to fill the space where surfaces mate, providing outstanding protection against the shock of vibrations. Available in EPDM, PU and PE. For glazing, choose EPDM.

Typically used: internally

​Folding 90˚ mount lid stays

Folding 90˚ mount lid stays

Folding lid stays hold open lids, electric panels and inspection covers. The range offers left- and right-hand versions. Available in stainless steel or steel with a zinc-alloy body. Folding lid stays also available.

Typically used: internally

​Clamping levers

Clamping levers

Teardrop male clamping handles operate by a simple lift and rotate action with push button for releasing and adjustment. The teardrop handle allows for convenient positioning for maximum leverage while saving space by keeping the handle out of the way. Die cast zinc with steel thread. Also available with tapered handles.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Hook and latch clamps

Hook and latch clamps

Vertical manual hook & latch clamps operate on a horizontal plane allowing two faces to be fastened together on the same plane or at 90˚. These clamps have a low profile for applications with a height restriction. Made of zinc-plated steel with cushioned PVC ergonomic grip for comfort.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Worm drive hose clamps

Worm drive hose clamps

Interlocked back prevents shearing and can be used to secure any of the hose-protection sleeves in our hydraulic hose protection range. Available in two styles in AISI 430 stainless steel.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Fan filters, metal

Fan filters, metal

Removes dust from the fan’s airflow so that the air can move freely, cooling electronic components. Also protects the fan from damage. Made of aluminium and stainless steel.

Typically used: control panel

PCB edge locking supports – snap in

PCB edge locking supports – snap in

Locking PCB supports provide a secure hold on the side of your PCB. Snap-in fitting and locating nose are ideal for quick assembly. Enable the PCB to easily be removed for service. Made of nylon. Operating temperature range: -40˚C to 85˚C. UL94 V-2.

Typically used: control panel

LED spacers

LED spacers

Available in three different styles to accommodate both T-1 and T-1 3/4 LEDs. They provide height control and lead wire retention and stability. Self-retaining feature for auto insertion and pre-assembly. Made of PVC. UL94 V-0.

Typically used: control panel

​Quarter-turn latches with wing knob

Quarter-turn latches with wing knob

Wing knob latch is supplied with a rubber gasket for a good seal. There are three different types available, offering different material and grip range options. Available in stainless steel, which is ideal for food packaging machines.

Typically used: external fabrication
Levelling feet – hygienic

Levelling feet – hygienic

Hygienic levelling feet are ideal for the food and beverage industry. All feet are USDA accepted. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel to lower the risk of contamination and reduce cleaning time to a minimum.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Handwheels – metal without handle

Handwheels – metal without handle

Heavy-duty control handwheels operate positioning adjustment on large food packing machines. The four-spoke design enables strong hold handling for the operator, and therefore are not fitted with handles. Made of steel with black stainless steel, threaded screw-on foot. Also available in metal with handle and with or

without handle in high-impact resistant nylon or high-resistancePP-based technopolymer.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Flanged index plunger

Flanged index plunger

Make quick adjustments when locking or indexing components. The flange with screw holes enables extra fastening. Ideal for use on thin materials.

Typically used: external fabrication

Pouch filling machine

Pouch filling machine

Whatever product bagging machines are designed to handle, whether it’s animal feed, food, beverage, dry powder – you name it – pouch-sealing-machine manufacturers will need multiple and varied components. If you're designing a semi-automatic pouch-filling machine or auto pouch-filling machine, a paper or plastic-pouch-packing machine, consider these critical components:

​Hand switch – red or green

Hand switch – red or green

IP50 Push-push panel mount button made to fit a 22mm cut out. Circuit arrangement type: 1NO and 1NC. De-selected side sticks out to indicate selection. Made of nylon.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Cam latches – lift and turn

Cam latches – lift and turn

Low-profile swing handle stows away when not in use. With a 90˚ rotation, these are simple to install, using either a bracket or snap-in fastener. Also consists of a slam-action spring-loaded handle. Available with a choice of keyed alike, key to differ, or a button to press. Made of die-cast zinc alloy and nylon 6 with 30% GF glass fill. Seal material: PE.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Tapered caps and plugs – standard

Tapered caps and plugs – standard

Apply tapered caps to multiple O.D.s or tapered plugs to multiple I.D.s. Made of LDPE to protect against damage, dirt, moisture and corrosion.

Typically used: During handling, transportation and storage

​Masking flangeless plugs

Masking flangeless plugs

Designed to mask holes without masking the surrounding surface area. This tapered plug protects multiple-hole diameters. Ergonomically friendly profile has a pull-tab for easy installation and removal. Available in premium high-temperature silicone, economical reduced-temperature EPDM material and TPE. Applications include Powder Coating, E-Coating, Plating and Anodizing.

Typically used: during manufacturing
​Masking tape – rolls

Masking tape – rolls

Can withstand temperatures up to +260˚C. Ideal for awkward shapes that a cap or plug just can't cover and removes cleanly, leaving no residue. Quick adhesion for time-saving applications.

Typically used: during manufacturing

​Push-in rivets – bevelled head

Push-in rivets – bevelled head

Push rivets with flat, bevelled head eases assembly and disassembly. Easily pushed in by hand. As the pin is inserted into the grommet, the legs expand, locking it in place. Made of nylon 6. Operating temperature range: -40˚C to 115˚C. UL94 V-2.

Typically used: control panel, external fabrication

​Fan filter sets

Fan filter sets

Fan filter Sets include one each of fan guard to protect fingers, fan filter cover, fan filter mesh sheet and felt filter. IP30 rated for protection from tools and wires greater than 1 inch.

Typically used: control panel

​Spiral wrap hose protector

Spiral wrap hose protector

Spiralguard, or spiral hose wrap, protects most types of industrial hose assemblies against cuts, abrasion, crushing or UV damage. Maintains high-abrasion resistance, proven in harsh conditions. Ideal for wrapping single hoses or multiple hose bundles. Made of HDPE.

Typically used: external fabrication

​Lobed handwheels and knobs – female

Lobed handwheels and knobs – female

Secure, ergonomic grip with scalloped edge that provides maximum grip and comfort. These durable lobed knobs are impact and chemical resistant and provide a neat appearance for finished applications that require adjustment. Range of materials include glass fibre reinforced nylon-based technopolymer and stainless steel.

Also available: lobed knobs with threaded insert.

​PCB support pillar

PCB support pillars – dual locking/snap lock

Available in different locking options for both ends and in different body types to suit your needs. Our most popular style. Made of nylon 6/6. Operating temperature range: -40˚C to 85˚C. UL94 V-2.

Typically used: control panel

​Non-threaded spacers – ceramic

Non-threaded spacers – ceramic

Ceramic spacers resist extreme heat. Installed by hand without the need for tools, which speeds up assembly. Operating temperature range: -40°C to 1700°C.

Typically used: control panel

​Vibration mount standoffs

Vibration mount standoffs

Pouch filling machines, like any other machine, naturally vibrate, which can cause components to loosen. These vibration mount standoffs act as a buffer by absorbing vibrations. They also help reduce noise. Made of neoprene rubber and steel with an operating temperature range of -40°C to 80°C.

Typically used: internally and external fabrication

​Rotary cam switches

Rotary cam switches

IP65 ABS plastic enclosures come complete with a 22mm operator and contact block. Watertight, oil tight and corrosion resistant. Contacts are SPST at 10amps 600vac base mounted contacts with screw terminals. Conduit knockout holes are 13/16. UL/CSA/CE.

Typically used: external fabrication

Food packaging machinery

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