Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes

Essentra Components has a large selection of adhesives and sealants. We offer everything from shipping tape & dispensers to adhesive backed weather stripping & gasket removers.

Glue and Retaining Compounds - Browse our glues to find multi-purpose liquid and spray glues as well as instant contact glues. You can also find retaining compounds for creating bonds in cylindrical press-fit applications, such as bushings and bearings.

Hook & Loop Fasteners- Our hook and loop range includes tape, pieces and discs. We also offer adhesive backed, hook and loop fasteners in bulk rolls.

Silicone and Thread Sealants- We offer RTV silicone sealants for either filling gaps or creating a lubricating barrier. We also have a large selection of thread sealants for helping to lock threads, including multi-purpose thread sealers and many specialty sealers for high temperature or high pressure applications

Tape- We have a large variety of adhesive tapes, including duct tape, paint masking tapes, safety and marking tapes, foam tapes, permanent high bond tapes, magnetic & metal tapes and insulation tapes. Single and double-sided types available, if it’s in a tape form, you’ll find it in this section.

Tape Dispensers & Applicators- Tape dispenser guns allow the application of shipping tape to a package, with a built in mechanism for cutting the tape to length.

Weather Stripping & Gasketing Tape- Used to seal air an enclosed space, adhesive backed foam or rubber gasketing is easily applied and can be lightly compressed to create a weatherproof seal.

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