Push-In Rivets
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Push-In Rivets - Push In Fasteners made in Nylon


Push-In Rivets - Push In with a minimum compatible hole of diameter 2.92 mm and a maximum compatible hole of diameter 3.56 mm

ECID: 1072506
  • Anchor Length (Imperial):0.13 in
  • Anchor Length (Metric):3.19 mm
  • Color:Natural
  • Full Material:Nylon 6/6
  • Head Diameter (Imperial):.203 in
  • Head Diameter (Metric):5.2 mm
  • Head Height (Imperial):.161 in
  • Head Height (Metric):4.09 mm
  • Lip Height (Imperial):.125 in
  • Material:Nylon
  • Material Class:Plastic
  • Maximum Compatible Hole Diameter (Imperial):.140 in
  • Maximum Compatible Hole Diameter (Metric):3.56 mm
  • Maximum Compatible Panel Thickness (Imperial):.121 in
  • Maximum Compatible Panel Thickness (Metric):3.07 mm
  • Minimum Compatible Hole Diameter (Imperial):.115 in
  • Minimum Compatible Hole Diameter (Metric):2.92 mm
  • Operating Temperature Range (Imperial):-40 to 185°F
  • Operating Temperature Range (Metric):-40 to 85°C
  • Overall Height (Imperial):.286 in
  • Rivet Type:Arrow
  • Head Diameter (LD):A
  • Lip Height (LD):C
  • Maximum Compatible Panel Thickness (LD):B
  • Overall Height (LD):F
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