Pneumatics & Hydraulics


Pneumatics & Hydraulics
Pneumatic systems use pressurized air to provide mechanical force while hydraulic systems use pressurized fluids. Both types of systems are used in a wide variety of industries ranging from agriculture to manufacturing; carpentry to transportation; and engineering to finishing.

A few examples of equipment with hydraulic systems are: automobile lifts, presses, robots, garbage compactors, car brakes, log splitters and heavy machinery. While pneumatic systems can be found in dentist drills, impact wrenches, sand blasters, semi-truck air brakes and automated pick & place factory processes.[more][less]

Hydraulic Systems

Basic key components of a hydraulic system include: a reservoir for holding the hydraulic fluid, a pump to pressurize the fluid, a manifold for distributing fluid, control valves for regulating flow; cylinders for converting fluid energy into mechanical force, and hoses for delivery of the fluid to mechanical components.

Pneumatic Systems

Primary components found in a pneumatic system include: a compressor for pressurizing the air; a tank to store the compressed air; regulators for maintaining a safe pressure; a check valve for preventing backflow into the tank; air cylinders for converting air pressure into mechanical force; and hoses for delivery of the pressurized air to the mechanical components.

Depending on the needs of your unique compressed air or hydraulic system, you may also require boosters, ejectors, mufflers, moisture separators, expansion plugs, pressure gauges, hose protection or level indicators. Browse our hydraulic & pneumatic products below or request a free catalog to view these and thousands of other industrial products.

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