PCB supports are used to mount a circuit board to the chassis or a base or to mount a daughter board to the main board, while maintaining a gap between them preventing a potential short.PCBs cannot directly touch each other or the chassis without risking a short. Nylon is a non-conductor and is used to create supports and spacers are used to stand off the PCBs from the chassis and other boards.

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are thin insulating plates which serve as a base for mounting chips and other electronic components. In the US, most circuit boards are .062” thick (1.57 mm) and are used inside computers, televisions, washing machines, calculators and a myriad of other appliances, tools and machinery. They are mounted inside a metal framework, known as a case or chassis, which offers structural support and protects the sensitive circuitry from physical contact.[more][less]
Our PCB supports are generally available in 1/16” increments and fit standard PCB boards. PCB supports have both releasable and non-releasable mounting options, including adhesive mount, edge locking, reverse locking, screw & lock and standard snap lock supports.

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