Spacers & Standoffs


Spacers & Standoffs
PCB spacers are used to hold a circuit board away from the chassis or to stack boards while allowing room for air flow and to prevent onboard components from touching other boards, removing the potential of creating a short at the point of contact. PCBs cannot directly touch each other or the chassis without risking a short. Nylon is a non-conductor and is used to create supports and spacers are used to stand off the PCBs from the chassis and other boards.

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are thin insulating plates which serve as a base for mounting chips and other electronic components. In the US, most circuit boards are .062” thick (1.57 mm) and are used inside computers, televisions, washing machines, calculators and a myriad of other appliances, tools and machinery. They are mounted inside a metal framework, known as a case or chassis, which offers structural support and protects the sensitive circuitry from physical contact.[more][less]
Our PCB standoffs and spacers fit standard PCB boards. Non-standard circuit boards can use our threaded and non-threaded spacers and standoffs as the unusual thicknesses can be accommodated with the fastening screws and nuts.

Though there are exceptions, nylon spacers are typically threaded. Threaded male studs are connected with nuts while female threads are fastened with screws. They are available in female to female, male to female and male to male configurations. We also provide non-threaded spacers which are mounted by pushing a bolt all the way through the spacer and securing it with a nut on the other side. Either metal or nylon fasteners can be used to secure PCB spacers.

Circuit board spacers are releasable by unscrewing the nut or screw. They provide a strong hold, especially when used with metal screws & nuts. They also can be used on a wide range of panel thicknesses and work well on non-standard panels. You may also be interested in our large selection of PCB supports.

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