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Why are you changing your name?

Essentra, an abstract name, was specifically chosen to capture what each of our businesses manufactures and supplies; namely millions of small but essential components which often play a critical enabling role in the products of the company’s customers, everywhere and every day.

Will the bank details change?

The name will change, but the account details and number will not. We will be able to receive payments under our legacy brand name. We understand that in most cases the name on the check needs to match the name on the invoice.

Will the DUNS Number or Federal Tax Identification Number change?

These are not changing.

Will I receive a new W-9?

Yes, the new W-9's are available for download. Click here to download.

Can you delay the name change? Or can you continue to bill under the old company name until I update the new company name in my system?

We will be changing over to our new name by January 1, 2014 and our system will not be able to bill under our old names after this. We hope that by giving several months’ notice, our customers and suppliers will be able to update their systems where necessary.

What will happen to the credits on my account?

All details on our system will remain the same, and so these will continue where applicable.

Will I receive new marketing materials with the Essentra name and logo?

We will provide a range of materials for the rebrand. The marketing materials will be updated across the group by October 14, 2013 and we can provide access to these from that date. We can also provide access to the new logo, but it is important that it be used only after October 14, 2013.

Upon completion of the rebranding, we will be issuing a new catalog in January 2014 with more details, as well as product range additions.

Do I pay to Alliance / Reid Supply / Richco or Essentra for old invoices?

Payments should be made according to the name on the invoice. Invoices will be changing to Essentra on January 1, 2014, so payments should be made to Essentra at that time.

My customers only know Reid Supply. Can you keep this company name in my region?

No – while we are proud of our name and history, Essentra Components’ companies will move to their new name in January 2014 and the company brands will change.

Will there be any official communications going out explaining these changes?

Letters will be sent beginning in October and three more letters will be sent between October and the end of January providing more updates regarding the rebranding process.

Will you still have the same phone number, fax number and email?

Here is our new phone number, fax number and email address:

Phone Number: 800-847-0486

Fax Number: 866-561-6617


Will my contact people change? New salesperson or new Customer Service contact?

Some of the contact details will change as we move customers to their closest distribution center. Any changes to contact details will be advised in advance.