Flange Protection


Flange Protection
Protect vulnerable flange surfaces from debris and moisture that can result in product impairment with Essentra Components' full line of flange protection products. Replacing damaged flanges is costly and can result in unscheduled down time. Using flange protectors keeps vital components damage free during shipping and storage. Essentra offers a range of discs to protect and cover the raised or full flange face.

Raised Face Flange Protectors

Essentra quick-fit raised face flange covers insert into bolt holes and are weather and petroleum resistant. Four attached plugs are manufactured to fit easily into the holes around the bolt circle diameter so these flange protectors do not require fasteners.

Push-in raised face flange discs have flexible fins that fit tightly into the bore to protect the raised face. The snug fit means these flange protectors require no fasteners and protect against dirt, moisture, paint and sand blasting. Essentra push in raised face flange protectors are made from yellow polyethylene and are suitable for ANSI and DIN flanges.

With adhesive raised face flange protectors no fasteners are required allowing for fast application. Once pressed into place these peel and stick plastic caps guard the vital raised face. Being made of polyethylene our adhesive raised face flange covers have excellent chemical resistance and leave behind no residue after removal under normal conditions. You simply peel the adhesive backing and apply to the raised flange face.

If you are looking for a product to protect petroleum, gas, and water type valve flanges and pipe interiors from dirt and moisture, try Essentra raised face protector plugs. Plugs fit snugly into pipe's interior without the use of fasteners and do not cover the bolt holes.

Full Face Flange Protectors

Essentra Components provides full face flange covers to meet your project needs at the price point you require. Our extensive pipe and flange protection line ensures you will find the right material and style options to guard flange integrity in each unique situation.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and easy to install option, you may be interested in Essentra full face self locking flange protectors. These finger-lock flange protectors have 4 integral arrows that push through the bolt holes to lock firmly in place, no fasteners required.

Essentra self-adhesive flange covers attach and protect the full face of the flange with an easy peel and stick adhesive application. These flange discs meet ANSI B16.5 and ASME B16.47 specifications while providing full face protection and leaving behind no residue under normal conditions.

For all-around flange protection including bolt holes and sides, look no further than our flexible flange cover caps. These flexible flange protectors are durable and pliable to fit snugly over the face and sides of the pipe flange without fasteners.

For protection against dirt, moisture, paint, and sandblasting Essentra push in full face flange protectors come in 15 different sizes. The flexible fins on our push in full face flange cover ensure a snug fit into the bore, provide full face protection, and require no fasteners.

Bolt hole flange protectors are manufactured in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and pressboard and are securely fastened to the face of the flange with your choice of fastener. Multiple stud holes are specifically designed as part of this flange disc to match the flange’s bolt holes and bolt circle. Each material meets ANSI B16.5 and ASME B16.47 specifications.

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