Cable Ties

Zip Ties and How They Work

A cable tie is a rather common wire management device. The plastic cable tie has two basic features, the strap and the head. Along the length of the strap are teeth that are meant to engage within the head of the tie. Within the head is a device called a tang, which has opposing teeth that interlock with the teeth on the strap. Feeding the strap through the head is easy and can be done by hand, because the tang flexes to allow the strap to feed through the head. The teeth then engage in the opposite direction not allowing the strap to back out of the head. Working with a wire tie is quick and easy. The ability to torque down on the head provides a tight hold. The interlocking teeth design provides a high tensile strength making it one of the most widely used cable management devices across multiple industries. The application of this fastener is further facilitated with the use of a cable tie installation gun which can make application even easier on the user and can reduce application time. The sheer volume of use, and relatively simplistic design, equates to the zip tie being a very economical device for routing wire harnesses. [more][less]


The plastic wire tie is made of nylon 6/6 material which is a very strong and durable material, allowing the zip tie to flex during application, yet provide high tensile strength resistant to coming loose in the application. There are many different types of materials and colors that we offer in our cable tie line of products. We have UL 94 V0-rated material for self-extinguishing flame control applications. We also have heat-stabilized material for your higher temperature applications. Widely used, we also have UV-stabilized material for plastic zip ties used in an outdoor environment and are susceptible to the harmful UV radiation from the sun. We even have some stainless steel ties for extremely harsh environments.

Designs and Styles

Every application is different, and so we are ready with many different styles of cable ties to fit every need. We offer standard cable ties in various strap widths and thicknesses. These differences equate to ties with varying tensile strength. We offer 18 pound tensile strength cable ties up to zip ties with a 250 pound tensile strength rating. We offer nylon 6/6 cable ties that are releasable and reusable. In some applications, it would be very helpful to be able to get the cable tie off for changes in the wire routing design or for replacement of wires. We have many different versions of releasable wire ties. The releasable cable tie could allow the strap to be removed without losing the capability to apply the strap again at a later time. Some releasable applications release the cable tie from the mounting location as well. In routing wire harnesses, there are many situations that require the cable tie to be mounted to a surface. We have many cable ties with additional features, typically associated with the head of the cable tie that allows the cable tie assembly to be mounted. We have push-mounted, adhesive-mounted, and screw-mounted versions. We also offer double headed cable ties for routing parallel bundles. Ball cable ties are beaded with a keyslot head that engages with balls along the length of the tie. Essentra also offers a wide array of hook & loop cable management. Many are made from genuine Velcro® material, including standard hook & loop cable ties, straps and rolls, even hook & loop cinch straps and hook & loop cable clamps.

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