Cable Tie Mounts
When working with a standard cable tie, the ability to route wire harnesses is further facilitated with the use of a cable tie holder. These tie downs work with the cable tie to mount the installed cable tie to a surface. You can specify the route that you want the cable harnesses to take. Our wire tie mounts can mount to the surfaces using many different methods. We have push-in designs, screw or rivet mounting designs, edge holding as well as adhesive mounting options. [more][less]

Adhesive Mount

When there is a requirement to hold a cable bundle in place, but there can be no hole drilled into the surface, self-adhesive cable tie mounts are perfect for the application. We have multiple sizes of adhesive cable tie mounts designed with slots for holding the wire ties that vary in range to handle all sizes of zip ties. Our smallest self-adhesive cable tie mount has a .50” square base. These adhesive backed cable tie mounts are low profile to keep the bundle assembly low to the surface and save space. Our self-adhesive mount zip tie holders are designed with the capability to have the cable tie enter the holder from four different directions. This alleviates many alignment issues during application. We also have an adhesive zip tie mount with only a single direction mount, but that mount swivels to allow for flexibility of wire harness direction.

Screw or Rivet Mount

Our self-adhesive tie wrap mounts also have the capability to be mounted with the use of a rivet, screw or a nut and bolt assembly. The adhesive adds to the ease of assembly by holding the cable tie mount in place during the assembly line process, until such time the harness is applied and the entire assembly can be more securely fitted to the surface. There are also a variety of styles of cable tie mounting bases that are installed with only the use of a screw or a rivet. We even have a flat tie holder that has the rivet included as part of the design of the tie mount. Some of these cable tie bases are designed with such a wide slot that it can accept our hook and loop style of cable tie up to one inch wide.

Push-In Design

We also have many different options for self-mounting cable tie holders with arrowhead snap in features below the slot to accept the cable tie. We have push-in design tie mounts for various hole diameters and panel thicknesses. We even have a barbed style snap in that is called a Masonry Tie Mount, designed for application into holes in brick.

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Cable Tie Mounts Results

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Cable Tie Mounts - Masonry Mount
Cable Tie Mounts - Masonry Mount: 2 Product Variations
Push-fit Masonry Mounts secure cable tie bundles into pre-drilled masonry holes. The UL94 V-2 Nylon 6/6 holders are suitable for use with standard and heavy duty zip ties.
Cable Tie Mounts - Reverse Mount
Cable Tie Mounts - Reverse Mount: 2 Product Variations
Reverse Mount Cable Tie Holders snap lock into place from the outside of the chassis to leave a low profile on the inside of the chassis. Both sides of the panel must be accessible for mounting
Cable Tie Mounts - Rivet Mount
Cable Tie Mounts - Rivet Mount: 1 Product Variations
Cable Tie Mounts have a Rivet incorporated into the design with legs that expand as the pin is pushed to lock the holder in place. The low profile design is ideal for cable bundle applications in tight spaces
Cable Tie Mounts - Screw Mount, Harness
Screw Mount Harness Cable Tie Mounts are securely mounted with an M4 or #8 screw. The unique design can hold cable bundles securely by using multiple cable ties with one holder
Cable Tie Mounts - Screw Mount, Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty Screw-In Cable Tie Mounts are designed for heavy duty cable management solutions. The low profile is ideal for cable bundle applications in tight spaces. These mounts are suitable for ties up to 250 lbs
Cable Tie Mounts - Screw Mount, Low Profile, Four Way
Four Way Cable Tie Mounts are a versatile holder that allows zip ties to be inserted from all four sides. These screw-on mounts are ideal for low profile cable bundle applications in tight spaces
Cable Tie Mounts - Screw Mount, Low Profile, Two Way
Screw Mount Low Profile Two Way Cable Tie Mounts give maximum stability to a cable bundle. These flat head screw mounted holders have a low profile for cable bundle applications in tight spaces
Cable Tie Mounts - Screw Mount, Multi Bundle
Multi Bundle Screw Mount Cable Tie Holders support cable bundles above the panel surface. The design allows tying up multiple cable bundles that need to be installed in a row or series
Cable Tie Mounts - Screw/Rivet Mount
Screw/Rivet Mounts are applied with an easy screw or snap rivet fixing and give maximum stability to a wire bundle. These holders are available in several different types to suit a wide range of zip tie widths
Cable Tie Mounts - Stainless Steel Ties
Stainless Steel Cable Tie Mounts secure stainless steel cable ties with a low profile design. These holders are available with three different mounting hole options to fit various screw or rivet sizes
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