Screw-On Bumpers & Rubber Feet


Screw-On Bumpers & Rubber Feet
Screw-on bumpers are used to guard, stop, alight, position or protect parts and finished products. Essentra offers screw on bumpers that can be fastened with a bolt, rivet, or screw and also rubber feet with a threaded stem for easy installation.

Our screw-on feet are securely mounted with screws and provide excellent skid resistance. Recessed screw mount feet are commonly used as feet on housewares and small appliances but can also be used as spacers or door stops. Our screw-on bumper feet are available in round, square, and rectangle.

Essentra elastomer bumpers are highly durable and maintain excellent resilience at extreme temperatures with no material degradation. The elastomer has exceptional resistance to chemicals and humidity. We offer elastomer bumpers with low, medium, or high energy absorption and are easily attached with a mounting screw.

Thermo-plastic rubber bumpers are an excellent solution when atmospheric deterioration is a concern. Made of resilient, high quality thermo-plastic rubber these bumpers won't crack and are easily attached with a screw or adhesive.

For easy installation and a tight fit, try Essentra threaded rubber bumpers. Male or female threaded feet provide excellent cushioning and vibration control. Choose from a steel core, steel screw, or brass stem to best fit your application.

Essentra urethane screw-on feet are available with male or female threads, a male stud, or bonded to a steel plate. The urethane material has excellent chemical resistance making it an effective solution in exposed environments.

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Essentra Components supplies a full range of feet, casters & glides beyond just bumpers and rubber feet! We want to be the one-stop shop for all your finishing needs. With a full range of adjustable leveling feet, casters, glides, and accessories we carry everything you need for your next project.

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Screw-On Bumpers & Rubber Feet Results

Screw-On Bumper & Rubber Feet - Coved Screw-On Bumper Feet
Coved Screw-On Bumper Feet can be used as a glide, bumper, or spacer. The durable material has a coved surface to fit and provide protection to matching round tubing.
Screw-On Bumper & Rubber Feet - Heavy Duty Screw-On Bumper Feet
Heavy Duty Screw-On Bumper Feet are made of durable nylon or LDPE for use as a glide, bumper, or spacer. These feet can be fastened with a screw, bolt, or rivet.
Screw-On Bumper & Rubber Feet - Heavy Duty Screw-On Vibration Mount
Heavy Duty Screw-On Vibration Mounts absorb shock and reduce noise with high adhesion to the floor. These mounts are ideal for use as feet on machinery and conveyors
Screw-On Bumper & Rubber Feet - Screw-On Bumper Feet
Screw-On Recessed Bumper Feet are ideally suited for use as feet on small appliances and other retail products. These feet are attached with a screw, bolt, or rivet to protect surfaces.
Screw-On Bumper & Rubber Feet - Screw-On Feet
Screw-On Feet prevent surface damage with anti-skid and scratch resistant properties. These feet can be fastened with a screw bolt or rivet to secure the foot in place and protect surfaces.
Screw-On Bumper & Rubber Feet - Threaded Stud
Threaded Stud Screw-On Bumpers can be used as a leveling device or bumper for small equipment. The non-corrosive stud and foot material is durable and resists harsh environments.