Bumper Feet
Essentra Components' range of bumpers and rubber feet are durable and won’t tarnish, scratch, or discolor surfaces. Common uses for Essentra stick on bumpers are cabinet stoppers, door stops, rubber feet, and surface protectors. We offer a wide range of sizes, styles, and installation options to fit the needs of your project.

Push In Bumpers

If quick installation is a priority, Essentra offers fast foot push bumpers that are easily installed and snap in place into pre-drilled holes. Choose from several styles including rivet mount, fir tree mount, pull mount, and stem bumpers.

Our rivet mount rubber feet are pushed and locked into place and have scratch resistant properties to protect surfaces. The abrasion resistant rubber material provides vibration dampening and has high shear strength.

Stem bumpers are easily inserted and are used as glides, closures, slides, bumpers, and stops. Essentra flat headed stem bumpers easily inserted and are used as glides, closures, slides, bumpers, and stops. Flat headed stem bumpers come in 16 different sizes designed to rest against a flat or tangent surface after installed. For applications requiring a bumper with a large head area try our nylon double stem bumpers.

Essentra domed split stem bumper and flat head split stem bumper are produced with split-stems to make insertion easy and removal difficult. While the domed stem bumpers are ideally used as bumpers, the flat head split stem bumpers can be used as a bumper or panel plug.

Screw-on Bumpers

Our screw-on feet are securely mounted with screws and provide excellent skid resistance. Screw-on bumper feet are commonly used on housewares and small appliances but can also be used as spacers or door stops.

Essentra elastomer bumpers are highly durable and maintain excellent resilience at extreme temperatures with no material degradation. We offer elastomer bumpers with low, medium, or high energy absorption and are easily attached with a mounting screw.

For easy installation and a tight fit, try Essentra threaded rubber bumpers. Male or female threaded feet provide excellent cushioning and vibration control. Choose from a steel core, steel screw, or brass stem to best fit your application.

Self-adhesive Bumpers

Protect product surfaces with Essentra Components' self-adhesive bumpers and rubber feet. This easy to use peel and stick design is available in 6 different styles. Common uses for Essentra stick on bumpers are as feet on housewares, cabinet stoppers, door stops, rubber feet, and surface protectors.

Stick-on rubber pads are available in 4 different styles; your choice of black or clear cylindrical, hemisphere, square and recessed in sizes from .375” to 1.80”.

Our anti-slip self-adhesive feet come in 2 different styles, round and square. These polyethylene foam pads are cost effective and attach with a high tack permanent adhesive.

Free Samples

Interested in Essentra bumper feet but not sure which product for your project? We are happy to provide free samples on most of our standard products to ensure you get the finishing product that best suits your needs. Our experienced customer service staff is ready to assist you in finding the exact protection product to fit your requirements so call or email today!

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