Snap-Together Rivets


Snap-Together Rivets
Snap-together rivets consist of two separate pieces that are snapped together during installation. They often require access to both sides of the object to be fastened. Examples of this style are ratchet fasteners and mini rivets. Snap-together rivets are typically considered permanent.

We also offer snap latch rivets. While consisting of two pieces that have to be assembled, a plunger and grommet the snap latch is installed from only one side and has a large head for easy removal. This style of snap-together rivet works well for maintenance applications, where two objects may need held together temporarily while work is completed.

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Snap-Together Rivets Results

Snap-Together Rivets - Male/Female Mini
Mini Male and Femal Snap-Together Rivets are ideal to snap fit two panels together
Snap-Together Rivets - Ratchet
Snap-Together Rivets - Ratchet: 33 Product Variations
Also known as Assembly Clips, these two part fasteners have teeth that grip together for a quick fastening. Available with or without a slotted head for extra grip when tightening