Hose Protection

Essentra offers a wide range of protection to extend the life of hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial hoses. These products are used to protect your hose assemblies against abrasion, harmful UV rays and arduous conditions. They are easy to fit and reduce the risk of industrial injury.

Textile Protection Sleeve

Textile sleeve offers optimum UV and abrasion protection. Protects people, environment and machinery against any possible hydraulic hose oil bursts, leakage or spills. Offers reinforced safety to protect operators from injury in the event of a hose burst when pinhole leaks occur.

Our product offering comes in either Mining Safety approved Nylon or less expensive Polyester along with a Quick Assembly sleeve with hook and loop design that is perfect for hose assemblies already installed.

  • Ballistic Nylon weave offering a tear & puncture resistance
  • Hook & Loop design allows quick & easy assembly or removal
  • Resistant to heat, ozone and abrasion

  • Nylon 6 MSHA approved
  • Polyester - Inexpensive
  • High abrasion and bust resistance

Spiral Wrap

Designed to be used to protect the hose from cuts, abrasions, crushing and UV rays that regularly destroy your expensive hoses. The spiral wrap is easy to fit and suitable to wrap single or multiple hose assemblies and offer excellent memory. Easy and safe to install either before or after the hose assembly is mounted.

The FRAS range is designed to provide flame resistance and anti-static properties as well as all the features shown above. FRAS range is tested and approved by the Mining Safety Laboratory and comply with ISO standards.

  • Heavy Duty doubled-bevel design on the inside and outside edge prevents snagging or cutting into the hose during installation.

  • Tested and approved
  • Mine Safety Laboratory

Point of Contact Protector

Protects hose and cable from abrasion caused by point of contact wear from metal or other abrasive surfaces. Typically used on hydraulic hoses, fuel and oil lines, brake systems, wire harnesses and battery cables. Material is inexpensive but very durable.

  • Easy to assemble and remove.
  • Molded in grooves prevent the slipping and wear of cable ties.

Silicone Protection Sleeve

Designed to protect hydraulic lines, cables, hoses and pneumatic lines against flying sparks and molten metal splashes. The protection sleeve provides a high level of fire protection due to its construction which combines silicone and a knitted high bulk glass fiber.

Insulation properties provide close quartered personnel with effictive protection against burns from hot hoses and reduce heat energy loss.

  • Withstands intense radiant heat and flame
    • Continuous exposure up to 500°F(260°C)
    • 15-20 minutes up to 2000°F(1090°C)
    • 15-30 seconds up to 3000°F(1650°C)
  • Withstands repeated exposures to molten steel, aluminum and glass up to 3000°F(1650°C)
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