A completely brand new product offering, we've added a range of over 200 IP50 and IP65 Control Units, perfect for your indoor and outdoor machine building needs. Our scalable offer means we provide you with the most cost effective solutions, regardless of your project size. Key inclusions are IP65 Emergency Buttons and IP65 LED Pilot Lights with Contact Blocks.

PCB & Electronics Hardware

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PCB & Electronics Hardware offers a wide range of spacers and standoffs for use with printed circuit boards (PCBs) to support, lock, space or guide the board. The majority of support posts and spacers are designed to be installed by hand and do not require assembly equipment.

Standoffs and spacers are available in a range of materials and finishes such as UV and heat stabilised nylon, aluminium and steel and come in a variety of different styles like adhesive, screw, rivet, snap-lock and snap-fit. Our ranges also include Card Guides & Pullers which are used to hold PCBs in a chassis or enclosure.

As well as PCB hardware, LED and Fan accessories are also available.  The LED Hardware range provides simple and safe mounting systems for Light Emitting Diodes during the production process. Our Fan accessories provide protection and mounting for small DC and AC fans suitable for industrial and computing applications.

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