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The Essentials Guide: Caps And Plugs Application

The Caps and Plugs edition of the Essentials Guide has been created to outline specific protection solutions for your project, in a number of key industrial manufacturing applications.

Automotive Plug - Essentra

Many products that you manufacture are likely shipped to another location or customer, or simply moved along an assembly line as part of your production process. During these transits and end uses, it’s important to protect vital parts to ensure efficient processes, safe use and reduced downtime.

Explore our guide to see what we recommend when protecting your products.


Ensure smooth assembly and transit to your customers by protecting critical internal and external profiles from damage, maintaining quality and a timely delivery. Key equipment to protect includes enclosures, indoor and outdoor cabinets, HVAC units and generators.

Essentra recommends protecting with: Blanking Plugs, Silicone Caps


In applications where precision is everything, it’s essential to guard fuel lines from potential debris contamination and protect vital threads from damage during shipment and masking. Key vehicle parts to protect are diesel/petrol pumps, engines, specialist vehicle fittings, powertrains and brake systems.

Essentra recommends protecting with: Sealing Slottex Caps, Tapered Caps


Guarantee a professional finish every time by masking holes, studs and contact points during painting, blasting, and finishing processes. By protecting important areas of fabricated metal with easy-to-fit caps and plugs, you can successfully increase customer satisfaction and minimise recall of finished products. Key areas to guard include electrical contact points, threaded holes or studs and welding areas.

Essentra recommends protecting with: Masking Washer Plugs, Pull Tab Flexi Cap


Safe operation of devices using hydraulic fluid calls for specialist hose-fitting protection and coverage. The right cap or plug can help mitigate fluid spills and maintain hose integrity when looking to ensure constant machinery uptime and user safety. Key hydraulic parts that need safeguarding include grease nipples, DKO-compression fittings, fuel lines and banjo unions.

Essentra recommends protecting with: Hexagonal Caps, Banjo Union Caps

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Hexagonal Caps
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