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The Essentials Guide: Cable Management Application

  20 Feb 2017

Our Essentials Guide for Cable Management highlights a number of end products and applications where Cable Management solutions are key to successful and efficient operations.

Cable Management

According to Statista, the global consumer electronics market is set to double in size between 2015 and 2020, from $184 billion to $355 billion¹. With this large growth comes the increased need for manufacturers of electronics devices and infrastructure alike to protect and guide vital cables in their products. Explore our guide to see recommended cable management solutions for some of the most common electrical applications.


Manage complex cabling with easy-to-install solutions, suited to the most demanding and varied environments. Specialist solutions, able to effectively operate at diverse temperature ranges, should be used to maintain constant up-time.

Manage and protect cables with: Wire Saddles, Silicone Grommets

Consumer Appliance
Consumer Appliance
Office Equipment
Office Equipment


Satisfy the needs of office applications by using quality industry-accredited solutions, built to withstand continued intensive use every day. Keeping these machines running is essential, helping to sustain a productive working environment for the end user.

Manage and protect cables with: Cable Clips, Rapid Cable Wraps


Avoid disorganised cables, preserve ease of use, and prevent accidental removal of vital cabling. Communication cabinets are important parts of every businesses infrastructure, so it’s also crucial to manage electrical interference with necessary measures.

Manage and protect cables with: EMI Ferrrite Cores, Standard Cable Ties

Data Communication Cabinets
Data Communication Cabinets
Outdoor Cabinet
Outdoor Cabinet


Using tough, weather-proof products to protect and guide cables in and out of cabinets is essential in harsh environments. Guaranteed ingress protection is required to retain stable internal conditions of your cabinet, which in turn will prevent costly repair and uphold your reputation.

Manage and protect cables with: Nylon Cable Glands, Grommets IP67

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Source: ¹Statista, 2016

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