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PCB Hardware – A quick buyers guide

3 minutes minutes | 25 Jul 2018

PCB Hardware Buyers Guide


From managing space to conductivity in your application, there are lots of factors to take into consideration when building electrical solutions.

When it comes to circuit board hardware, material and mounting type are key. This guide is designed to give buyers an introduction. For expert advice, we’re always happy to help. We can also help with our vast range of spacers, standoffs, supports, card guides and LED hardware. You’ll like our flexibility too, if it’s just a small order you need, no problem. Whatever your requirements, you can depend on fast despatch.


Data cabinets often have limited space whilst needing to house lots of electronics. Our range of solutions provide versatility and space, giving your customers ease of access and peace of mind.

FEATURES: Choose from varied internal diameter and spacer length options to ensure the right position for your application

MATERIAL: Materials include Nickel Plated Brass, Nylon 6/6, Glass Filled Nylon 6, Polystyrene, PVC, Modified Nylon 6/6 and Acetal

TEMPERATURE: Need versatility in your application? Our solutions provide an operating temperature range from -40C to +65C


Aesthetics and product quality are vital in consumer electronics. Using the right standoff can ensure your PCBs are kept securely in position for product longevity and your customers satisfaction.

FEATURES: Available in Male-Male, Female-Male and Female-Female variants

MATERIAL: Choose from Brass, Mild Steel, Nickel Plated Brass, Nylon, CPVC and Glass Filled Nylon

SPECIFICATION:Body comes in Hexagonal, Round and Round with Crossed Body, allowing for different tightening possibilities


When your application is in constant use you require reliable components. Maintain functionality and end-user safety with our range of heat-stabilized and easy-to-apply solutions.

FEATURES: Many support types including Adhesive Base, Edge Locking, Reverse Locking, Screw Locking and Snap Lock

MATERIAL:Available in Acetal, Nylon, TPE and PES, allowing operation in temperatures between -40C and +85C

SPECIFICATION: Fixing methods are diverse, covering Fir Tree Mount, Locking Arrowhead, Locking Bayonet, Quarter-Turn and Flat Rest


Access is essential in electrical cabinets. Ensure your circuitry is fully accessible with our range of easy-to-install and remove guides and pullers.

FEATURES: Vertical and horizontal options help to fit the definitive needs of the application, as well as coming in varied lengths and widths

MATERIAL: Material options include Acetal, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Polycarbonate and PVC, giving operating temperatures ranging between -40C and +140C

SPECIFICATION: Mounting methods range from Screw, Snap In, Adhesive and Push Fit, offering a semi-permanent or removable locking function


Ensure product quality and prevent malfunctions with a range of easy-to-install solutions that provide an impactful and attractive finish.

FEATURES: Range built to get the most of LEDs, including LED Lens Holders, Light Pipes, Mounts and LED Spacers

SPECIFICATION: LED Mounts provide an easy snap-in application and give users the opportunity to mount LEDs in an upright or 90° angle

ADAPTABILITY: LED Spacers give height control and wire retention with a number of LED types, designed to fit your PCB