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Masking Materials Selection Guide

Masking is often an essential part of the production and finishing process for manufacturers, fabricators and machine builders all over the world.

Masking Process - Essentra

However, mastering this process can be a challenge, particularly in ensuring that your masking solution behaves as required during wet painting, powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, plating, blasting and drying.

The key to success revolves around selecting an appropriate material, suited to your operating temperature and application process. The below application guide helps you choose the right solution dependent on your intended processes.

How does temperature and application effect masking material choice?

Some Product Application Examples:

Equipment Manufacturing: Cabinets – when masking a hole where a cylindrical lock may fit, a High Temperature Silicone Plug can be used to withstand demanding processes and keep the hole clean.

Metal Fabrication: Sheet Metal – to economically mask a variety of areas when powder coating or e-coating sheet metal, try an easy to apply and remove Polyimide Tape, usable up to 260°C.

Commercial Vehicles: Tractor – many bolts and extrusions found on specialist vehicles often act as earth points. It’s essential to maintain safety requirements and retain functionality by masking with a Multi-Flex Cap.

Automotive: Fuel Pumps – protect threads and prevent contamination during blasting, powder coating and transit by using an EPDM or TPR High Temperature Cap/Plug.

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