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Hydraulics Application Guide

Choosing the right hydraulics protection product is essential. Here’s why you need to protect your hydraulic applications, along with some recommended solutions you can use during production, shipping and end-use.

hydraulics application guide - essentra

Machined Parts

Protecting the internal and external profiles of your parts will:


The right protection will:

  • Increase your hoses’ serviceable life, maximising efficiency
  • Help to prevent hoses being crushed or pierced·
  • Increase operator safety through minimising fluid spills
  • Spiralguard® & Hose Wear Protectors
67.2% of fatal workplace accidents in Europe occur in construction, transport, manufacturing and agriculture Eurostat, 2016

Hydraulic and Hose Fittings

Guarding specialist hydraulic hose fittings can:

  • Mitigate ingress of dirt and moisture
  • Avoid contamination of hose or fuel lines during manufacture, transit & usage
  • Uphold high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering quality products
  • Threaded O-Ring Plugs & Hexagonal Caps

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Hexagonal Caps
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