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Fasteners - The Design Engineers Application Guide

3 minutes minutes | 29 May 2018

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Key Applications for Fasteners

Bring your design to life with our extensive range of fasteners.

Our fasteners are designed to work for just about every application. We can also make your job easier with free CAD downloads and free samples on selected products.

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Ensure the quality and life of your product with fasteners in the sizes and tolerances you need.

Keep your design together with:

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OEM quality you can rely on, from lightweight to more heavy duty fasteners, for every part of the vehicle.

Fasten your design with:

  • Barbed fasteners – fast, tool-free assembly. Provides a reliable fitting in bore holes with larger tolerances and holes with or without screw threads
  • Quarter turn rivets – quick release, perfect for when security panels and components need to be replaced quickly
  • Anti-loss washers – full insulation while protecting against moisture and electricity. Resists corrosion, abrasion and most chemicals while providing cushioning and spacing
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A range that includes strong, clear, polycarbonate fasteners ideal for retail and display and easy-to install solutions for furniture.

Secure your design with:

  • Viking screws – transparent, fast and easy push-on panel fastener. Simply screw to tighten
  • Suction cups – great for holding prints securely in place on windows or flat surfaces, ensuring you get your message seen
  • Furniture connector fittings – simply knock into wood and it grips into place to give your furniture longer life
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Fastener failures are often caused by the joint losing clamp load due to vibration and high dynamic
loads. You can prevent this with the right fasteners.

Enhance the life of your design with:

  • Metal flat head machine screws – designed to screw completely into a countersunk hole to give you a flat surface
  • Metal nuts – the solution you need to hold your fasteners in place and prevent loosening
  • Insulation sleeves – ideal for preventing vibrating components from coming loose, avoiding contact with conducting materials and locating and spacing parts
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Heat stability chart
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Chemical resistance chart
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Tensile strength chart
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UV resistance chart
Download fasteners design engineers guide (PDF)