Simple and easy to fit, our large range of Handle solutions is catered to a variety of different industries. Check out the new set of Cabinet Handles with their roboust and ergonomic design. These Handles offer a number of different mounting positions, complete with a high quality Aluminium finish.


Essentra’s range of Handles are essentially used on machinery and cabinets. They provide excellent carrying and gripping comfort thanks to their ergonomic design and choice of material.

Pull Handles- Used to provide a handhold in order to pull or lift on a door, panel or drawer, Essentra offers different types of pull handles including hinged or folding, bridge, and tubular handles.

Clamping Handles- Designed to apply maximum torque, we offer both one arm and two arm clamping handles styles. Some of our clamping handles even offer the capability to be shifted in order to provide more leverage.

Crank Handles- We offer several types of crank handles, from light-duty plastic folding handles to industrial crank handles, designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Recessed Handles- Stainless steel or plastic recessed handles are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, including concealed pulls, tray handles and clear acrylic pulls.

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