We have a large range of Hand and Wheel Knobs offering many styles and designs in a variety of sizes and materials. Our brand new Waist Shaped Knobs are available in both male and female, and are made from stainless steel, helping to maintain hygine in application. 3 Arm Handweels are also new to the range and offer an ergonomic, grease resistant handweel option.

Hand Wheels & Knobs

Essentra Hand Wheels and Knobs offer an extensive range of profiles essentially used on machinery and specialist vehicle equipment.

Hand Wheels- These are often used for leverage, to quickly turn a valve or to allow precision adjustments. Essentra has aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel and plastic hand wheels, offering many styles including straight or dished hand wheels, letting you choose a solid design or one with 2, 3 or 5 spokes. Handle options included revolving, solid or fold down. We offer several specialty hand wheels such as four-arm control wheels and position indication wheels for high precision applications.

Knobs- When it comes to the industrial uses of knobs, their functions seems endless. In machines or equipment, knobs are used for setting, tightening, pushing, pulling or loosening. Essentra offers knobs for just about anything, from chrome ball knobs to soft-touch lobed knobs, clamping knobs to indicator control knobs.

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