Bumper Feet

Bumper feet are ideal for wooden furniture and cabinets, equipment enclosures and free-standing equipment. Manufactured in various materials, our range offers excellent slip resistance and have a smooth, non-abrasive surface, which is ideal for wooden and carpeted floors.

Push In Bumpers –If quick installation is a priority, our push in bumpers are ideal. Essentra offers fast foot push bumpers that are easily installed and snap in place into pre-drilled holes. Choose from several styles including rivet mount, fir tree mount, pull mount, and stem bumpers.

Screw-on Bumpers - Our screw-on feet are securely mounted with screws and provide excellent skid resistance. Screw-on bumper feet are commonly used on domestic furniture and small appliances but can also be used as spacers or door stops.

Self-adhesive Bumpers- These protect surfaces and are quick-fitting, by using an easy peel and stick design. Common uses for Essentra stick on bumpers are as feet on domestic furniture, cabinet stoppers, door stops, rubber feet, and surface protectors.

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