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Choose the correct fastener for your application with our guide; including a material matrix for easy product comparison

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Essentra Components has a selection of nuts for standard and specialized fastener needs.
Button Thread Nut - Time saving nuts that slide into place by disengaging the threads with a button and then turned to secure. Available in nylon.

Cap Nut - Domed acorn-shaped nuts used to provide a smooth finished appearance or to prevent damage from exposed bolt threads. Available in nylon, steel and stainless steel.

Grommet Nut - Used to mount lightweight objects to a panel or other thin gauged surface. Available in nylon.

Lock & Flange Nut - Locking hex nuts are designed to run tight against the thread preventing the nut from loosening off. Flanged nuts have a slight flare at the base, providing a larger contact area. Available in steel, stainless steel and nylon.

Machine Screw Nut - Hex or square nuts used to fasten machine screws which and hold it in situ. Available in plastic.

Hex Nut - The most common type of nut. Its hexagonal shape means you can tighten it with a wrench to secure your application, our Hex Nuts come in a wide range of sizes and materials. Available in nylon, steel and stainless steel and plastic.

Thumb Nut - Small, hand tightening nuts that don’t require tools for securing. Material: nylon, plastic

Tooling Nuts - Used with machine screws, stove bolts and studs in light fixings.  Available in plastic.

Washer Nut - Hex nut with free-spinning washer attached, used to help eliminate vibration. Available in nylon.

Wing & Fly Nut - Threaded base with two opposing wings, these nuts are used to quickly spin into place on long threaded studs and then hand tightened. Available in nylon and steel.

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