Plastic Threaded Plugs

Five Top Tips For Choosing Caps or Plugs

Ensure you have all bases covered with these key areas, to ensure you consider and identify all aspects before purchasing. 

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Knowledge centre hydraulics application
Hydraulics Application Guide

How do you protect your hydraulic applications? Choosing the right product is essential for producion, shipping and end-use. 

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Our extensive range of threaded protection plugs guard pipes, hoses, and hydraulic fittings from dirt, moisture, and damage to maintain equipment integrity. With unique patented features and quick-fit, screw on, or push on application, Essentra has the threaded plastic protection plug that is ideal for your project. We carry plugs to protect; SAE O-ring ports, hydraulic fittings, UNJ/UNJS threads, Metric threads, BSP threads, UNF threads, JIC threads, Unified Standard threads, NS & NF Class 1-2-3 threads, and NPT threads.

Prevent dangerous gas leaks with our LPG plugs or use our tamper evident gas cylinder valve plugs to protect industrial gas valves from dirt, or create a positive seal with the double sealing ring on our slottex plugs.

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