Plastic Hydraulic Caps

Essentra Components offers protective plastic caps that are specialized to protect hydraulic fittings, preventing dirt, moisture, corrosion and damage during storage & transit. The scope of our range can provide a solution for applications subjected to hazardous environments and specific fittings such as Quick Release Couplings, Banjo Bolts and O-Ring Face Seals.

Our banjo bolt caps feature a protective cap and retaining washer in a single unit that holds the entire assembly together during storage & shipping. We offer caps that fit banjo unions 4 to 18mm.

We also offer O-ring face seal caps that will fit JIC threads. This style of cap has an inner ring that fits directly over the O-ring face and a second outer ring that fits securely over the entire hydraulic connection. While our SAE butt weld covers protect split-flange coupling surfaces and quick release dust caps protect quick release couplings.

The variation of profiles and materials ensure that safety demands and standards inherent to the hydraulic industry are met.

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