Pipe & Flange Protection Caps

The Essentials Guide: Caps and Plugs Application
Get the basics right with the correct caps and plugs, to ensure protection of your products in the manufacturing process.

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Caps & Plugs Video – We’ve got you covered

Watch how we can help you protect during manufacturing, masking, transportation and end-use.

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Protect valuable pipes and flanges from debris and moisture, which can result in product impairment, during shipping and storage with our line of specialized pipe protection caps and flange covers.

We offer a full range of plastic pipe caps, that include open-end vent caps, closed end caps, vented caps and flexible caps that resist splitting and cracking. Our flange caps completely wrap the entire flange to prevent debris from damaging internally-coated surfaces. Essentra Pipe and Flange Protection Caps protect machined surfaces during treatment processes, transportation and storage.

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