Panel Fasteners

Essentra Components has a large selection of fasteners in-stock and ready to ship. Our fasteners include washers, screws, nuts and bolts as well as rivets, furniture fixings, and threaded inserts.

Washers, Spacers & Bushings- Washers are used to reduce wear, prevent a bolt or nut from damaging the object being fastened or to reduce loosening via vibrations. Spacers are used to gap two components, ideal for circuit boards, or creating a space between to objects or materials. Our plastic spacers are ideal as they are non-conductive and non-corrosive. Bushings are used to reduce friction and minimize vibrations. We offer metal and a various types of plastic materials in our washers, spacers and fasteners ranges.

Nuts- Used to secure fasteners, Essentra offers both standard nuts, such as domed, wing and hex nuts, as well as a large selection of speciality nuts, including grommet nuts, button thread nuts, and tooling nuts.

Rivets - Need a quick-fitting fastener? We have a large selection of rivets, including push-in, screw-in and snap together types. The beauty of using a rivet is that they offer a complete fixing solution in one product, saving you time when securing your product in situ.

Screws- Secured with or without nuts, we offer screws and bolts with imperial and metric threads. We carry many standard types, such as hex-head screws, as well as specialty fasteners such as tooling bolts. Also available with countersunk, cheese-head or slotted, Essentra’s screws are available for all application requirements.

Furniture Fixings- Our range of furniture fixings were designed for ready-to-assemble furniture and include cams, shelf supports and KD fittings.

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