Keeping enclosures, cabinets and industrial units secure and safe is essential. Having listened to the market we've manufactured a number of new locking solutions, designed to meet ingress protection and security needs. Key introductions include IP65 Quarter Turn Latches, Padlockable Wingknob Latches and Stainless Steel Compression Locks.

Latches & Locks

Latches are used to hold doors, gates and access panels in place. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. At their core, latches hold a door closed, but they may also be used to secure a cabinet, compress a gasket to create a watertight seal, allow a door to be closed hands free, withstand an explosion, keep a cover from flying open or provide a place for a padlock.

Many latches also have a locking feature, whether they are keyed, use a tubular key, have a push button lock, rings for a padlock or a security catch.

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