Catches & Catch Plates

Masking caps are used to protect threads, shafts, fittings or other protrusions during surface treatments such as powder coating, e-coating, anodising, plating, blasting or painting. We have many styles of masking caps including: easy pull caps, flexible end caps, flexible star tubes, silicone tubing, tapered caps, cone caps and stretch fit caps. The range offers a selection of materials that will function under different operating temperatures. We recommend requesting a sample to trial the compatibility of the component within the application before you make your final decision.

Material Selection: Silicone is a premium material that is ideal for multiple usage. Applications: Powder Coating, E-Coat, Anodizing, Plating, Wet Paint and Blasting

EPDM offers a cost saving of up to 30% over Silicone, the material also has superior chemical resistance. Applications: Powder Coating, E-Coat, Anodizing, Plating, Wet Paint, and Blasting.

High Temperature Vinyl is a low cost material that is not reusable. Applications: Powder Coating, E-Coat, Anodizing, Plating, and Wet Paint

Paper is a low cost material which is recyclable and does not promote condensation. Application: Powder Coating or Wet paint.

Nylon 6/6 is flake resistant and bonds with paint Application: Wet Paint.

Plastic Bags are ideal for fitting a variety of diameters and unusual shapes. Application: Wet Paint.

This is simply a guide for typical masking applications, due to the number of variables in each process we recommend sampling to ensure compatibility.

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