Quarter Turn Fasteners & Accessories

Quarter turn fasteners are used to secure a panel or enclosure that is meant to be quickly and easily removed. The stud is pushed into the mounted receptacle and turned approximately 90° degrees, locking the stud into place. They can be used to attach access panels on electrical enclosures, computers, agricultural equipment, electric signs, construction equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, and many other industrial enclosures where quick or frequent access is required.

Essentra Components offers all the parts required to fasten your panels with quarter turn fasteners:

Quarter Turn Studs - Your choice of hand or tool actuated studs; size is determined by the thickness of the panels to be fastened.

Quarter Turn Receptacles - Riveted, side mount, snap-in or clip-on receptacle styles are available.

Quarter Turn Accessories - We offer retainers, wear washers and ejector springs. While not required, they can allow you to convert the stud into a self-ejecting, captive screw.

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