Fastening Pins, Sets & Accessories

Mechanical pins - Used to connect and hold objects together and are used widely across many industries. Many fastening pins work together to create a secure link, for instance a cotter pin may be used to hold a hitch pin in place on a trailer.

Quick release pins- Designed to create a temporarily join, as they are easy to install and remove. This could be because the pins are used to connect objects together that are frequently changed. An example of this would be the use of snap ring linchpin to hold a brush hog onto the hydraulic arms of a tractor.

Dowel Pins- There are also more permanent fastening pins, such as pull dowel pins. These pull pins require a special tool to install and remove them and might be used to precisely align machinery or furniture components. They typically are only removed if they get damaged and need replaced.

Fastening Pins & Sets - There are a wide variety of fastening pins that range in function, size and diameter. Essentra has hundreds of pins available to you, from clevis pins and tapered pins to double acting pins and hydraulic cylinder pins. We also offer fastening pin sets that contain an assortment of sizes for your convenience.

Fastening Pin Accessories - Complementing our fastening pins, Essentra has a full line of fastener pin accessories. We offer split ring, cable lanyards, beaded pin chains, flanged receptacles and dowel pin remover sets. Whether you need a pin receptacle as a keeper for a quick release pin or a replacement split ring we have what you need.

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