Hook & Loop Material

Hook and loop fasteners work by embedding a fabric-backed hook surface into a fabric-backed loop surface. The hooks grip onto the loops when the two surfaces are pressed together. The hooks are fine and flexible so release their grip with a distinctive tearing sound when pulled away from the loops.

The hook fabric consists of tiny plastic hooks, which feel coarse and slightly prickly. These flexible hooks look and act similar to burdock burrs, which were the inspiration for the creation of this material. The hooks will grip to any looped material.

The loop fabric has a softer, textured feel. It consists of a mat of fine filaments threaded into loose loops, similar to the weaving of a Berber-style carpet, just much looser. The loop fabric is designed to allow the hooks to be attached and removed thousands of times.

Essentra Components offers adhesive-backed hook and loop fabrics. They are available in tape, pieces or coins in your choice of white or black. Unless otherwise specified, the hook fabric and loop fabric are sold separately in rolls.

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